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Bridal Lingerie

Explore our quality Lingerie, Lounge wear and luxury European brands Collections, all of which are designed and made by European manufacturers.
These Lines include:
Bridal Lingerie, everyday and Special Occasions Lingerie;


Hosiery Corsets and Shape Wear Bras, Bra Sets, Robs*, Night Dresses* and on the naughty note; Sexy Lingerie Fun Lingerie, for the bedroom only.
All lines made from quality fabrics, Italian Satin, Silk*, Lace*, Cotton*, Micro Fibre and other excellent quality materials, *medium to firm shaping wear, Maternity Hosiery and breathable sport lines .

Some of the products designs have sensational delicate lace details and some are embroidered, attention to details and excellent tailoring, make these brands some of the top lingerie makers in the EU, they are popular and award winning, for manufacturing quality women's lingerie and hosiery.

For Special Occasions and Bridal Lingerie, take a look at our elegant *Gracya collection by Gracya made in Poland, Corin is a French Lingerie and Bras line made in France according to the French tradition using the highest quality fabrics, using tulle, lace and embroidery, *Corin specialise in manufacturing women's wear in cup sizes A-G, all their collections are manufactured in Europe. *Corin Collections are presented in the major trade exhibitions in Paris, Lyon and Moscow .

Roza is another exquisite lingerie line made in EU, all these brands are made by designers who skillfully, captured beauty and comfort in their designs, choice of quality materials and fabrics, paying attention to the smallest details, for a perfect fitting; that will surely enhance your figure and increase your confidence.